Glassware Constructions

Glassware Doors

Стеклянные конструкцииGlassware doors enable to provide transparency of the construction not only in the glassware partitions but also in non-transparent partitions or wall openings.

Glassware doors enlarge the visible space of supermarkets or offices, plenary, office halls or exhibitingСтеклянные конструкцииcomplexesat customer’s sight.  In addition, glassware doors having aquite good degree of sound insulation make the light penetrate,which is often very essential for organizing officesand trade sites. Besides, for checking the degree of glass transparency, the door can be completely or partially covered with a film. Furthermore, the glass cancontain elements of decorative manipulation which enable to apply company logotypes, patterns, symbols, images and texts. While designing glassware doors, operation with glass enables to meet the daintiest requirements of glassware door artistic peculiarities, transparency and safety.

Fittings For Glassware Doors

Стеклянные конструкцииFittings for glassware doors traditionally rank a special, honorable place among  the other ‘hardware productions’. Стеклянные конструкцииWith its not great sizes fitting hardware must sustain liberal a very great weight.

While designing fittings, various types of fine metal textures, like matted or polished  tо high luster stainless steel and aluminum are widely used by constructors. When proved by the color gamma of the surrounding interior anodized /in imitation gold/, colored or brass fitting hardware is applied.

Principally, the new concept of mounting the fitting to the glass underlines the transparency of glass constructions; fittings made of high quality stainless steel open up new verges of glassware door and partition beauty.

Stainless steel fittings are used for the following types of constructions made of tempered glass:

  • Pendular and wing doors
  • Traversing doors
  • Glass partitions (assembling the glass at any angle)
  • Glass panels fastened to the walls

For detailed information on glass partitioning, tempering, bending, processing and etc. please visit "Eurostan Termopaki" website.