Facade Systems

Facades,   Solar Standard Facade System

Фасады, фасадная система Alumil M1 Solar Standard

55 m visible part of classical post- girder facade system.

Peculiarities of the system:

  • М1 system is a combination of plain design and easiness of installation with a reliable construction
  • The system attained a fine drainage system providing a necessary sealing
  • Broad spectrum of profiles for making various size constructions
  • Build-in windows may have from 6mm to 32mm filling.
  • The system has special 90, 135 columns as well as columns with adjusting 60:170 turning angles.

Facades, Alumil M2 Solar Linear Facade Systems

Фасады, фасадная система Alumil M2 Solar Linear

Technical peculiarities of the system are based on that of M system, however a number of new facilities have been supplemented.

  • The system enables to underline both vertical and horizontal lines of the building. Such effects are provided by special decorative strips which can be of different color.
  • Special  EPDM rubber compactors and silicone provide the airtightness of junctions.
  • Windows built into the facade do not vary from blind parts of facade, when closed.




Facades, M3 Solar Semi Structural Facade System

Facades, M3 Solar Semi Structural Facade System

Is a modern facade system with structural cassettes.

The distance between the cassettes is 16mm. The system has the following peculiarities:

  • The facade is composed of a linked structure, which is practically insensitive towards the deformations of the buildings upon seismic or wind stresses.
  • Broad spectrum of profiles provides an excellent installation of the system in any buildings, meanwhile enabling to create radius facades.
  • Vigorous columns and girders of the system enable to use it for designing high-rise buildings.
  • Each completion embraces a 15mm frame, assisting to fix it and providing a maximal safety. Build-in windows are similar with sound insulated parts of the facade and can be opened from the outside
  • Water-proof and air-proof of the system is attained on the account of EPDM three-profile sealing and available special drainage system.
  • The filling of cassettes is from 6 to 32mm.
  • Thermal bridge made of polyamid and reinforced glass fobre provides thermo-insulation. Thermal bridge width is 14mm.


Facades, M4 Solar Structural Facade System

Facades, M4 Solar Structural Facade SystemThe same profiles as that of M3 system are used in this system. The main principal is that aluminum in the structural cassettes is not visible from the outside, thus creating an effect of a glass wall. The system has the following peculiarities:

The filling is fastened to the frame by means of a special silicone composite material (Dow Corning structural silicone) and is supported by the lower part of the frame.
The system has thermo-inset profiles for increasing the thermal resistance.


Facades, Alumil M5 Solar Eсо Facade System

Facades, Alumil M5 Solar Eсо Facade SystemExternal appearance of the system and its technical capacities are analogues with МЗ Solar Semi Structural or МЗ Solar Structural systems.
 The system has the following peculiarities:

The system is organized so that the distance between the exterior and interior glazing is 10sm, where the air is circulating. Thus, high degree of thermal insulation (К-0,4) and sound insulation (54 дБ.) is provided. And refinement system let the photo elements be installed; this is one of the most ecological systems in the world market for facade glazing. There is a version of the system where the profiles have thermal insets.


Facades, Alumil M50 Solar Standard Plus Facade system

Facades, Alumil M50 Solar Standard Plus Facade system

M50 Solar Standard Plus — М50 system is designed to make light, hinged wall screens of building as well as for sloping transparent constructions with  angle slope up to 10i. Vertical /columns/ and horizontal /girders/ elements with visible 50mm width are included in the supporting construction. The assembling of columns and girders is done by means of “girder-girder’’ system that is butt-to-butt without milling the girder and column slots. This approach enables to use identical profiles for making columns and girders, thus economizing materials on the account of waste quality reduction. Drainage reliability is provided by a special polyamide strip on the girder of the system.

Depending on the facility construction and loading that influences upon the enclosed constructions, the designer has an opportunity to choose necessary supporting elements,Фасады, фасадная система Alumil M50 Solar Standard Plus therefore a range of column sets with moment inertia Iх from 20,8 to 433 4 sм are envisaged in the M50 series. In case of extra loadings, all the columns can be reinforced by special columns, profiles inset in the constructions.

Removal of moisture and ventilation in the region of the double-glass pane rabbet is provided in the M50 series. System resolutions give an opportunity to make facades with double level condensation drainage. There is a set of assembling columns in the series which provide the mounting of enclosed construction of the building with the help of pre-assembled elements. Any type of opening windows and doors can be installed in the facade construction.

Incorporation into the facade is done by means of a special adapter. A special polyamide strip on the girder and a 'HI' supplementary thermo inset provide high indexes of warmth and sound insulation.

Exploitation characteristics:

  • Filling thickness - 4 - 42 мм. .
  • Thermal Transfer Resistance
  • Without using HI thermal inset — 0,6 (м2 х К)/Vt.
  • Using HI thermal inset HI — 0,97 (м2 х К)/Vt.
  • Sound insulation— 49 dB.
  • Set of frame materials— 1.0


Facades, Alumil M6 Solar Stabdard Alutherm| Facade Systems

Фасады, фасадная система Alumil M6 Solar Stabdard Alutherm|M6 Solar Standard Alutherm — Is a classical post- girder facade system with 55mm width exterior caps. This system can be used for making winter gardens, zenithal skylights, cupolas, atriums and other composite architectural formworks. 24 mm width polyamide thermal bridge provides the system’s thermal insulation according to GROUP 2.1 (DIN 4108) category. Big sized posts and girders of the system enable to design facades with major layouts.
Combining of compactors, glazing beads and thermal bridge expanders give an opportunity to install from 24 to 50mm width filling elements in the facade. Special type of opening windows is designed in M6 system. These are the so called 'latent' windows the frame and flap of which is not visible from the outside. Girder attachment point to the post provides a simple technology of facade assemblage compared with other analogous post-girder systems.

The system is certified by IFT Rosenheim German Institute and ranks a high category after the test validation (wind load, airtightness, watertightness, mechanical loading, and thermal insulation).