Sliding Constructions

 Accordion System

Alumil M9800 Accordion System

Is a version of Accordion Alutherm System but without a thermal inset. It has analogous capabilities.
19800 System is a system of folding doors (bellows) with thermal rupture. Constructions of this system can be exploited within living accommodations, markets and buildings of another purpose. It is ideal to use them in automobile shows, restaurants, recreation and entertainment centers to block great apertures.


Alumil M9000 Slide System


Is a sliding system with ordinary, exact lines:
This system provides all possible versions of sliding constructions;
System flap depth is 32mm;
Single or double guiding ones from 16mm to 20mm;
The possible maximal weight of flap is 80kg;

Has basic damp-proof and air-proof peculiarities.