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Interior Design Interior Design Interior Design

Interior DesignExclusive interior design of all styles; beginning from Classics to contemporary HI-Tech. Modern, trendy and functional interior of apartments and offices. Professional design-project. Creative approach, original and innovative resolutions of modern technologies. Project management. Interior of apartments with unrestricted designing, photos of interiors. Design projecting of offices. Individual and trendy design of the interior will reflect your image by all means.

Interior Design There can be any style of extraordinary interior design and the interior design of your apartment has to be geared up for you and only then it can become the guarantee of your comfort and inward peace. Therefore, before creating the project, our designer discuses all the details with you thoroughly and finds out about your preferences.

The first phase of design-project is development of interior design draft. In this phase the planning, style designing, principal approach of zoning the space, construction of floors, ceilings, choice of decoration material types are developed.

Interior DesignAfter the approval of one of the proposed variants it is time to visualize the project, that is to present the interior design of the apartment or house ‘in volume’ by means of Archicad or 3D Studio Max professional programs which will guide you to “walk” in your future cottage or apartment interior. Afterwards, we will start the next phase of execution plan with you. It is a detailed development of the interior design draft approved by you. In order to saturate it with a substance it is imperative to make a choice between the whole necessary decorative materials, doors, windows, furniture, bathroom equipment, household appliances, etc.

Interior DesignTherefore, while working on the design-project process, a number of visits to salons with a designer is envisaged. All the things approved by you from the aforementioned list will be reflected in the features of the execution plan. Preparation of the interior design execution plan is a laborious task on the bases of which the computation of expenses and development of the construction elements is carried out.

Interior DesignIn the result we have a set of numerous plans and journals; beginning from demounting partitions to sweeping walls from moulding tiles, ceiling plans, installing illuminators, legend of floor covering, furniture arrangement and many other things. All necessary drafts and journals made during the design-project process are destined for specialists who will make your ideas come true.

Interior Design Interior Design Interior Design
Interior Design Interior Design Interior Design