Aluminum Composite Panels (ALYBOND)

Technical Peculiarities of Aluminum Composite Panels.

Composite panels are composed of two aluminum plates with incombustible plastic or mineral bands of various thicknesses. It is produced in the shape of a continuous tape which enables to cut the panels into the desired size. The composite material is resistant and firm against shocks, mechanical damages and pressure but at the same time is highly elastic and flexible. Polymeric coverings on PVDF bases with consequent thermal development protecting the material from corrosion, acid medium and abrasive ware provide an exclusive high quality super resistant covering towards weather conditions and industrial pollutions.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ALYBOND)


Paint and Varnish coatings (painting) of the composite material

Aluminum Composite Panels (ALYBOND)PE and PVDF – are paint and varnish coatings (fluro-carbon or fluorine- carbonic tars). High molecular polymeric paint and varnish coatings composed of polyester varnish (polyvinylidene fluoride) called PE and PVDF coatings are generally used for coating facades of composite panels.
Numbers of laminated paint and varnish coatings on high-tensile synthetic paint bases of fluro-carbon or fluorine- carbonic tars with lumiflone bases can be served in the capacity of PE and PVDF coatings. Fluorine- carbonic PVDF coating increases wear resistance of the material as well as resistance towards any type of atmosphere precipitation and is used for painting composite panel materials, aluminum and galvanized tars.

High quality of PVDF coating is a guarantee for your facade not to be burnt out under the sun in few years and change its color under the influence of atmosphere precipitation dust, sulphur junctions and saline suspensions. The material is easily washed from the accumulated dust and corrosive thin coats formed by ordinary water.

Aluminum Composite Panels with NANO-PVDF-coating

Aluminum Composite Panels with NANO-PVDF-coatingAluminum Composite Panels with NANO-PVDF-coating are self-washable. Aluminum Composite Panels with NANO-PVDF-coatings have all the privilege of PVDF-coating panels; moreover they are coated with the best NANO technical paint-varnish. They possess such capacities as resistance towards the contamination, acid-base impacts, etc. and are self-washable.

These panels are self-washable which is very comfortable for ventilating facade buildings and all other exterior objects. For instance, rain will easily wash such surfaces.

The advantage of Aluminum Composite
Panels with NANO-PVDF-coatings:

  • Is self-washable
  • Is resistant to acid-base impacts
  • Is oil resistant
  • Is resistant to weather conditions


Laminated coatings – In imitation of wood and stone finish

Laminated coatings – In imitation of wood and stone finish The third widespread type of composite panel decorations is laminated coatings in quite skillful imitation of various breed of wood, polished decorative stones: granite and marble. Laminated coatings – In imitation of wood and stone finish
In the standard set there are nearly three tens of shades and finishes of wood and stone at nearly any taste.

Oxide films – electro-chemical anode coating
method ("speculum metallic")

Oxide films made through electro-chemical anode coating methods also safely protect aluminum, simultaneously providing high quality plate coatings and it is the second widespread type of coating. Numerous types of anode coatings of ‘metallic’ type plates enjoy a great and steady demand: matted silver, bronze, brass, nephrite and turquoise-green shades. There are even facade panel versions with aluminum vacuum deposition or nitride titanium giving silver and gold glossy coatings (just like a mirror), however such finishes are destined for interior appliance, at that in rare cases. In fact, it is worth mentioning that oxide films and deposition have surface transparent preventing coatings to maximize the durability. They safely protect metallic form scratches and harmful impacts of streets.