Aluminum Jalousie

Aluminum  JalousieHorizontal jalousie is an optimal dimming system enabling to be maximally protected from direct sunlight and to regulate stream of natural light by means of lamella inclination mechanism. At dark times of the day it protects the space from outward viewing. Horizontal jalousie is an excellent solution not only for office computer or TV screen monitor glare problems but also for private houses where it is imperative to have elegant and modern solutions for the interior.
Eurostam Uyut Company offers a wide range of aluminum horizontal jalousies for all types, shapes and sizes of existing windows; broad range of color gammas, design, various mechanical controls (including electric drive and remote control, meeting with the most delicate customer's requirements). The installed mechanism enables to control jalousie height and lamella rotation angle, thus providing alteration of light stream in the space. Jalousie lamellas are made of aluminum tapes of high-tensile colored vinyl coating.


Protective Jalousie

Protective JalousieProtective jalousie is a reliable and aesthetical means of protection of your windows, doors, balconies, garages, kiosk and shop windows from break-in, strangers’ sight, vandalism and sun radiation. Protective Jalousie
Protective jalousies are made of aluminum, therefore they are corrosion resistant. Protective jalousies will serve you for many years as far as they have a solid polymeric covering which provides a protection of environmental agressive impacts. Unlike ordinary shutters and lattices, protective jalousies combine the following functiones:

  • Protective (break-in resistant, light resistant, thermal insulation and dust resistant)
  • Decorative (doesn’t deteriorate exterior of window and door apertures and generally fits into the architectural style of modern buildings)
  • Sound insulation (dims the sound coming from streets and raise the comfortableness of dwelling and office areas)



Types of rolling shutter control

Various types of rolling shutters are possible:

  • manual
  • remote controller
  • mixed


The roller of shutters is controlled manually (through a tape, cable or a knob), semi- automatically (through a spring) or automatically (through an electrical drive). The safe automatic control gives an opportunity to lift and drop the rolling shutter by means of an emergency manual control even in the absence of a tension.

Electrical engine is used for the automation of rolling shutters and roll-up gates. The whole automation can be combined into a single control system.