Garage Gates

Sectional gates are generally used for a garage entry facility; hence they are often called garage gates. Garage gates are also used for warehouse, dwelling, cottage, service station, industrial, shop areas protection and facilities.

The method of lifting gates economizes both inside and outside space of the area as well as reduces clearing garage front area demand which is particularly comfortable in winter. The gates provide thermal insulation of the space as the shield is composed of thermal insulation sandwich-panels as well as aperture firm bearing of the shield on the compactor's account.


The Advantage of Garage Gates

  • meet the high standard security requirement
  • possess high solidity of construction and automation
  • easy exploited
  • easy moved
  • have low level of noise
  • are resistant towards atmospheric impacts


The gates can be installed in a mechanical option without a drive. In this case it is fit to enter the garage from a supplementary entrance, to open the interior bar and lift the gate. It is simple and reliable, intrusion into the garage from the exterior gates is ruled out. Garage sectional gates equipped with an electric drive and remote controller are easily and comfortably opened right from cars, providing an extra comfort and an access reliable control system.