Staircase railing is the most important part of the staircase which possesses functional and decorative capacities. Railing made with taste and perfectly can make a qualititative appearance change of the whole area where it is installed.


Aluminum Railing Advanced Technical System.Railing
The peculiarities of the system are as follows:

  • Easy and quick installation both in old and new dwellings,
  • Broad capabilities of designing objects and exclusive flexibility of project solutions,
  • Privilege of aluminum both for construction and finish materials,
  • The evident virtue and privilege of the system is the concealed fixing of posts without any visible screw junctions.


Railing Railing Railing

Wide range of filling materials (aluminum panels, glass, steel plate or combination).
Wide range of aluminum panel colors and design solution choice. The system doesn�t have any visible mounting dots in the construction

The new railing system is destined for the usage of construction staircase and balcony flights as well as interior finishing of houses, hotels, airports, stations, commercial cents.

Railing Railing Railing