Windows & Doors

Zendow - It is a new concept of windows from Deceuninck.


Designers of five-enclosure profile Zendow system created it taking into consideration present requirements, meanwhile looking into the remote future.

70mm profile height meets all the functional requirements to the best advantage.

  • maximum quality of enclosures are used for the best thermal insulation
  • reinforcement of enclosures is dictated by the requirement of large windows
  • the drainage space is divided into dry and wet zones for the interior and exterior opening of the window
  • because of the sound insulation high demands it is imperative to use thick glasses


As a rule simple approach appears to be the best solution. The design of Zendow windows is clear evidence of it. The unique form of the profiles claims to be individual, supplementing the existing styles of architecture. Generally speaking, Zendow windows are examples of contemporary architecture, meanwhile preserving the warm, natural lines that please the eye. Moreover, the investigations have shown that the radius equaling 8 + 5°, is the most preferable.



EvewrestEverestMAX- is a modern 4-enclosure system with a 60mm mounting depth. This system was developed by the company Deceuninck with the best traditions and maintenance of new technologies. The glossy surface outstands with its clear shade; the soft roundedness of the lines also appears to be the distinctive peculiarity of this series.

Supplementary profiles of the system give a splendid opportunity to make complicated constructions. We offer high quality productions, available variety of assortment, as well as a guaranty for maximal fast delivery of the product.




Technical Characteristics:

  • The mounting depth is 58mm
  • The exterior glass thickness is 3mm
  • Three enclosures provide thermal and sound insulation quality
  • Is ideal for all climatic zones
  • Reinforcement of the profile provides a product durability
  • Capacity to apply 4-6mm glass or 20-24-30-32mm double glass pane
  • Original shape of glazing bead
  • Special compactors protect safely from moisture, dust, sound and dirt
  • Possible lamination in imitation the wood
  • The profile was certified by national and international organization


Alumil M940 Mini Profile System

Alumil M940 Mini Profile System

Profile system: M940 Mini
Company(trade mark): Alumil

Mini is the lightest cold Alumil system for the swing and swing-out windows, wing doors, internal partitions. The profile basic depth of the system/42mm/enables to adjust up to 24mm thickness double glass pane in the construction. Mini is combined with I900 Aero sliding system; it has a set of swing profiles which enable to attach separate blocks at any angle preserving the general design, as well as special profiles called 'a flap without a glazing bead'.

The constructions made by I940 Mini system differ not only in their quality and elegance but also in their moderate price.


Aluminum profiles without a thermal bridge

Aluminum profiles without a thermal bridge

Alumil M9400 Wood Effects.
This system has no thermal rupture; it has an exterior curvilinear design and is applied for swing and swing-out windows and doors. The depth of the system is 45mm.
Special damp-proof and airtightness ("ALUSEAL") system with three contours of special compacting (EPDM);
This system is certified by the worldwide known German IFT ROSENHEIM Institution.
The filling of the system is from 10mm to 32mm. The system is developed specially to imitate wood structure, at customer's desire.


Aluminum profiles with a thermal bridge

Aluminum profiles with a thermal bridgeAlutherm Light system has the same peculiarities as that of I11000 one, therefore, both of them can be applied in the same conditions. However, I9650 is an economical one having the following peculiarities:
The depth of the system is 50mm.
Polyamide, reinforced with a glass fiber /18mm/ for the main thermal insulation (Group 2.2, according to IFT ROSENHEIM classification).
The filling of the system is from 24mm to 32mm.